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Therapy for First Responders and Essential Workers
Rochida McClure, LMFT, Ventura, CA

Are you burned out?
Have you lost the joy in your job?

Being a helping professional can be stressful and sometimes even traumatic. And with whom do you decompress, vent, cry even? Literally, how do you return to yourself after years of seeing and hearing what we deal with for a living/vocation?  McClure Counseling and Consulting supports you with therapy in a safe, confidential, comfortable office where you can put your feet up, share and grow.

Who Cares for those who are Essential to our wellbeing and safety?  I do.

My mission is  to help support those who do so much to help others. I firmly believe we heal through being in commune with others who sit with and are able to hold and interpret our stories.  My current practice is made up of therapists, nurses, doctors, fireman, police officers, military personnel, pastors/priests and those who do the day-to-day intake and screening of those in need like 911 & 211 operators and staff.  Let me support you through this unprecedented time of complex trauma.

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