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About Rochida McClure

Together We Can Make Things Better

I am a unique, licensed therapist in so far as my background, my health status and my own personal mental health work all line up with at least one of areas of  speciality.

Intrigued? Please check out the Modalities where I shine and read more about my background below.

My Story

I was born in Morocco into a US military family. It is from this early experience of moving every couple of years that I cultivated the clinical skill for active listening. With this skill, I was better able understand the culture at each port of call and more easily fit in with others. For this reason, I have been told, it is easy to talk with me and feel comfortable quite quickly.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California.  I then joined the Peace Corps and was sent to live and work in the Dominican Republic.  My Peace Corps experience taught me a lot about myself, international politics; and the unseen and underserved populations.

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I returned from the Peace Corps and worked in Public Health which placed me inside correctional facilities working with adults and youth.  I continued my civic duty by working for the Administrative Office of the Courts, Judicial Council, and the California Supreme Court managing their long range strategic planning initiative. 

For the next 20 years, I worked as an executive, including two C-suite positions, in some of the largest financial services and banking institutions in the country.  Although I am proud of my corporate work; I credit my success within these organizations to my skill with active listening and responding to the needs of my superiors, peers, and direct reports.  For this reason, when I was thinking about getting my graduate degree I chose a masters degree in Counseling Psychology because it became clear to me that it was the people in my work environments who were my real passion.  

And that's my story.

Let’s Work Together

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