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Therapy for Black and People of Color
Understanding Cultural Uniqueness
Rochida McClure, LMFT

BIPOC Community Counseling

What is Counseling for Blacks and People of Color?


It is understanding that there are unique considerations and taboos that must be acknowledged, honored and managed throughout the therapeutic relationship with people of color.  

Why is Rochida McClure uniquely qualified to work with the BIPOC Community?


All of my life I have been a dark-skinned Black American.  I have lived as such while growing up in a Naval family. I am an American who was born in Morocco, Africa. I am a child of two black Southern parents--one light skinned and one dark skinned,  I have four siblings who range in skin shade.  I have traveled much of this nation as an adult; and I spent summers and holidays in the rural South as a child. As an adult, I have lived and worked outside of the USA in the Dominican Republic and I have traveled extensively throughout Latin America.  I have worked in the California state prison system; county jails and detention centers. I also have family members who have been or are currently incarcerated.

All of this is to say, I understand the overt and subtle complexities of walking around as a person of color.  If you feel my understanding is sufficient to handle your experiences as a person of color , please contact me.

What will Rochida do with me in therapy? 

  1. I will receive your text or email signifying your interest in therapy.  I will then schedule a 15 minute phone conversation so that you can interview me and I can assess whether I can actually be of help for you. 

  2. If we are a fit, the next available appointment date will be selected and electronic documents will be emailed to you for completion.

  3. You will come to my office and be offered a cup of tea, coffee and water and then we'll just talk.  Your unique story will reveal itself as you feel seen, heard, respected and not judged. Change comes when you trust the person who is guiding you. (I do offer telehealth/video appointments as well.)

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